Design of Square Ring MSA with Two Nearly Square Slots for WLAN Applications

S.B. Deosarkar, A.B. Nandgaonkar, and R.P. Labde (India)


Microstrip antenna, Square ring, Square slot, Circularpolarization, Size reduction, and Bandwidth enhancement


The major disadvantage of the microstrip-patch antenna is its inherently narrow impedance bandwidth of only a couple of percent. Intensive research is going on to develop bandwidth-enhancement techniques by keeping its size as small as possible. In this paper, square ring MSA with two nearly square slots is designed, simulated, fabricated and tested. It is a singly-fed, wideband and high gain Microstrip Antenna. The proposed antenna is left-hand circularly polarized and operates in 5 - 6 GHz frequency band. The impedance bandwidth with an input VSWR of 2 is obtained as 16.23% while the 6dB axial ratio bandwidth is measured over 4.52%.

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