Alternative Formulation for Determination of Geoclimatic Factor using Local Radiosonde Data from Southern Africa

P.K. Odedina and T.J. Afullo (South Africa)


Geoclimatic factor, radio propagation, radioclimatology


The importance of geoclimatic factor as a key radioclimatic parameter in radio propagation studies can not be overemphasized. This is the reason why, the radio communication section of the international telecommunication union (ITU-R) gives a standard procedure for its determination in one of its recommendation. Usually, the ITU-R procedure has always been used by various authors to determine the geoclimatic factor for radioclimatic study using the available local radio propagation data. The ITU-R procedure is in most cases very suitable for statistical adaptation. In cases where an analytical or numerical procedure is to be employed to solve radio climatic problem, the standard ITU-R procedure may not be very suitable, hence the need arises to come up with an acceptable formulation to determine geoclimatic factor in such a situation. This is the purpose of this paper.

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