Bandwidth Extension for Line-Series-Shunt Calibration Technique of Broadband S-Parameter Measurements

C.-C. Huang, Y.-H. Lin, and M.-Y. Chang-Jian (Taiwan)


Scattering parameters, calibration, vector networkanalyzer, de-embedding


This paper presents a new method for extending the bandwidth of LINE-SERIES-SHUNT (LST) calibration in microwave scattering parameter measurements, by using additional lines in SERIES and SHUNT standards. The minor modifications of the standards avoid the illconditioned problem for the self-calibration equations as the phase shift of the LINE standard approaching 0 or 180 degrees. Simulation studies are demonstrated with Gaussian white noises to ensure applicability and robustness of the proposed approach. The further experimental verifications are performed using the printed-circuit-board (PCB) from 45 MHz to 20 GHz.

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