A Proposed MC-DS-CDMA System based on Finite Radon Transform

O.M.M. Faraj (Bahrain)


Radon transforms, MC-DS-CDMA, FRAT, data mapping.


In this paper, the Radon transform is chosen in the multi carrier section of the MC-DS-CDMA to serve as a data mapper instead of the conventional data mapping techniques like phase shift keying scheme. The Fourier domain approach is found here to be the more suitable way for obtaining the forward and inverse Finite RAdon Transform (FRAT). It is shown that this new application increases the orthogonality of the system against frequency selective fading channels significantly due to the use of Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) twice, namely, in the data mapping and in the sub-carrier modulation also, due to the use of an efficient algorithm in determining the FRAT coefficients which is called the optimal ordering method. As a result of using the proposed structure, the BER performance of the system is improved significantly. A real frequency selective fading channel, namely, COST207 was considered through the simulation for rural.

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