Optimization of a Corrugation-Pitch-Modulated Distributed-Coupling-Coefficient DFB Laser Structure

J.B.M. Boavida, C.A.F. Fernandes, and J.A.P. Morgado (Portugal)


Corrugation-Pitch-Modulated, distributed-couplingcoefficient, distributed feedback laser, flatness, matrixmethods, mode selectivity, side mode suppression ratio,spectrum, threshold gain.


The aim of this paper is the optimization of a Corrugation Pitch-Modulated Distributed-Coupling-Coefficient distributed feedback laser structure. Two stages are involved in this analysis: near and above threshold. In the first, the laser structure is modified in order to maximize the normalized mode selectivity S and to minimize the flatness F . The results obtained are S = 2.1786 and F = 0.0165, which clearly surpasses the performance of similar laser structures. In the above threshold regime, the power emission spectrum of the laser structure is assessed. Side Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR) as high as 48 dB is achieved for a wide range of current injection.

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