Performance Analysis of Radio Link Protocol using Four-State Markov Model

M. Safwat, H. ElBadawy, and M.I. Yussef (Egypt)


Modeling, Fading channel, RLP.


Wireless network analysis and simulations rely on simple yet accurate physical layer models. Two state Markov model, which has been widely used to model bursty communication channels, may be inadequate for the representation of some time-varying channels. In this paper, an analytical model of the Negative Acknowledge (NAK)-based selective repeat (SR) Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) of Radio Link Protocol (RLP) is enhanced using four state Markov model for the Wireless Physical Layer. The RLP performance over a pair of Markov channels considering imperfect feedback is analyzed with the aim to drive adequate formulae for residual FER, data throughput and expected delay as a function of physical layer FER and normalized Doppler bandwidth.

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