Optical Generation of High-Order UWB Pulses Adaptable to Different Modulation Formats

M. Bolea, J. Mora, B. Ortega, and J. Capmany (Spain)


Signal processing, UWB Radio, Reconfigurable Radio


We demonstrate experimentally an optical architecture to generate high-order Ultra-Wideband pulses over optical fiber. The system is based on a 4-tap reconfigurable microwave photonic filter by using phase inversion in a Mach-Zehnder modulator. Conventional pulses such as monocycle and doublet pulses are experimentally implemented. However, we consider the possibility to extend the system to a larger number of positive and negative coefficients for generating high-order UWB pulses. This reconfiguration capability permits the generation of Ultra-Wideband pulses satisfying successfully the FCC regulation. Moreover, the photonic Ultra-Wideband pulse generator can be adapted to support different pulse modulation formats since the amplitude, polarity and time delay of generated pulses can be controlled with a reconfiguration time up to tens of nanoseconds. Therefore, Pulse Position Modulation, Pulse Polarity Modulation or Bi-Phase Modulation, Pulse Amplitude Modulation, On-Off Keying modulation and Orthogonal Pulse Modulation (OPM) are simultaneously achieved in our approach.

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