A Mobility based Metric for QoS in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

K. Oudidi and M. Elkoutbi (Morocco)


Quality of Service, mobility, composite metric, OLSR,Mobile Ad hoc networks


Mobile ad hoc networking is challenging tasks due to the lack of resources reside in the network as well as the frequent changes in network topology. Routing algorithm is a very important mechanism for QoS guaranteeing in networks. In this paper, we reiterate our proposed metric for measuring mobility. Based on the use of this mobility metric, we propose a composite metric using multiple parameters to find the optimal route given the QoS constraints. Simulations results show a reduction of as much as 18% in the mobility rate and a lightweight decrease in throughput of the route owing to the use of the proposed metric. The network performance metrics such as delay and PDF are tightly coupled in our composite metric. Therefore, we believe that since using the proposed metric will directly lead to improvement of performance.

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