A Proposal and Evaluation of a Method of Calculating Similarity between Quizzes Created by Students

T. Takagi, M. Takagi, and Y. Teshigawara (Japan)


Reusable Learning Object for Web-based Education,Similar Quiz, Similarity, Quiz Creation


We have developed a Web-based online test system “CollabTest” which can create quizzes collaboratively by students. We have experimented and evaluated it since 2002. The total number of quizzes created by students is more than 10,000. However, many of those quizzes have not been reused because the number of quizzes that are used for the online test in one class is about 100 to 200. Therefore, we propose a method of calculating similarity between quizzes created by students in order to utilize past quizzes more effectively. If automatically retrieval of similar quizzes based on similarity between quizzes become possible, it is possible to effectively provide online tests and to support students to create quizzes by using similar quizzes. In the proposed method, we try to improve the accuracy of calculating similarity between quizzes by identifying the content of quiz which contains indexing term. We analyse which content of quiz contains indexing terms, and from the result of analyses, we considered how to automatically identify the content of quiz containing indexing terms. Moreover, we examine the improvement of the accuracy of our proposed method in comparison with an existing method and system.

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