Users' Perception of the Quality of Open Source e-Learning Platform: The Case of Moodle

A.M. Braccini, C. Silvestri, S. Za, and A. D'Atri (Italy)


Quality Issues of Web-based Education (WBE), Testingand Assessment Issues of WBE.


An increasing amount of scientific research is focusing on Open Source software and its development process. As a matter of fact, Computer Science (CS) and Information Systems (IS) conferences have been followed by a large number of research papers, tracks and workshops on this topic. Due to its peculiar development process, Open Source software are able to produce a better output if compared to traditional development environments. In traditional Open Source development processes, the distinction between users and developers is blurred and the two figures may easily converge. On the basis of this assumption, Open Source software have spread in every field, including e-learning. However, due to the diffusion of Open Source software, users and developers do not always converge, therefore the hypothesis that Open Source development processes contribute to a better output is no longer valid. The aim of this pilot study is to investigate end users’ perception of quality on the Moodle Open Source e-learning platform (in terms of Usability, Functionality, Reliability, Efficiency and Quality in Use).

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