Efficient Computerized Testlet-based Test Generation Utilizing DPSO with Partial Course Ontology

T.K. Chiu, K.H. Tsai, T.C. Hsieh, and T.I. Wang (Taiwan)


Computerized test, DPSO, Ontology, E-learning


This paper argues that how to formalize test requirements dynamically and how to select suitable items effectively are two main challenges in the current researches of computerized test generation. The proposed approach obeys the Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization (DPSO) scheme and uses partial course ontology to generate tests according to the studied materials. Besides, it also harnesses the notion of testlets to construct testlet-based tests for students. In the experiments, the results show that the proposed approach can effectively formalize the tested concepts and their weights, and also generate the well scrutinized test in accordance with the test requirements in the acceptable time.

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