Building a Quality Web based Environment Starting from a Testing and Assessment Infrastructure

D.D. Burdescu, M.C. Mihăescu, and B. Logofatu (Romania)


e-Learning quality, testing infrastructure, machinelearning


Building a high quality Web Based Environment (WBE) is one of the important issues in e-Learning. This paper presents a procedure by which a WBE may be analyzed regarding the quality of the e-Learning process offered to students. The analysis process is divided in two stages: setup the testing and assessment infrastructure and an analysis procedure that determines the fairness and accuracy of the evaluation environment. The employed analysis procedure uses data regarding the testing and assessment activities performed by learners. The data is analyzed using machine learning techniques. The obtained model is interpreted for obtaining information about the WBE. The results aim for proving the system classified learners in a fair and accurate manner starting from their performed testing and assessment activities.

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