Development of a Lecture Supporting System to Collect Comments using Various Media

K. Doi, D. Hirashima, M. Takagi, M. Mochizuki, and Y. Teshigawara (Japan)


Communication Technology Applications in Web-basedEducation, Lecture Support System, Multiple MediaSupport


In recent years, there have been various researches and developments which aim to activate such kind of interactions between teachers and students with support of ICT in a synchronous face-to-face lecture. However, there are following four problems to collect comments from students in the past researches: the limitation of media to submit comments, the extra cognitive load for submitting comments while understanding the lecture, the mental barriers to submit comments, and mismatch of system and teacher request. This paper proposes effective functions and methods against these problems. Furthermore, we focused on the limitation of media for submission, and developed a prototype system in which several media (PC, cellular phone, and paper) can be used as the method for submitting comments. Using the prototype, evaluation of effectiveness of the system was conducted in a university class. The result shows that students submitted more comments when multiple media were available compared to the case of single media.

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