Extending X3D-based Educational Platform for Mathematics with Multicast Networking Capabilities

A.G. Malamos, G. Mamakis, P. Sympa, E. Kotanitsi, Y. Kaliakatsos, D. Kladis (Greece), A.J.G. Crespo, and A.Z. Lopez (Spain)


Collaborative Virtual Workspaces, X3D, Peer to Peersystems, Mathematics, Education


Mathematics is an area of nature that lies between philosophy and reality. Teaching mathematics has always been an intriguing task, especially in areas of mathematics where visualization is overcome by conceptualism. We have developed a VR educational platform for mathematics named Educational Virtual Environment – Mathematics (EViE-m). EViE-m platform offers an environment where the user tries to construct an organized city through answering to simple or complex mathematical questions that offer the possibility of gaining access to buildings and technology trees. Yet, modern educational research proposes that one of the key factors in educational advancement for the learner may be accomplished through collaboration and competition. That being our basis, we extended the educational platform EViE-m, with networking capabilities using modern peer – to – peer technology.

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