An Instructional Design using Virtual Reality for Learning the Basic Concepts of Synchrotron Light Source

W. Tarng, C.-M. Lin, Y.-T. Liu, S. Lin, H.-Y. Chiu, K.-L. Ou, Y.-N. Tong, T.-C. Fan, and K.-Y. Pan (Taiwan)


Synchrotron light source, virtual reality, instructionaldesign, learning theories


This study combined the basic knowledge and operating principles of synchrotron light source with the curriculum of science and life technology in elementary and junior high schools to develop a virtual synchrotron light source model and its learning contents based on the theory and practice of instructional design, and the objective was to increase the interest of students in learning this advanced technology. A teaching experiment was conducted and the results showed that most students were very interested in using this model and it was also very effective in helping students understand the knowledge and basic concepts of synchrotron light source.

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