Development and Trial of Web-based Mobile Contents for Logical Thinking by Teaching Students "How to Think"

H. Miyata and M. Sannomiya (Japan)


Smart use of the build in camera of mobile phones,Flexibility of mobile media production, Web-basedMobile contents, Logical Thinking, Picture Mail Database


The system described in this paper offered the combination of different media like notebook paper and the build in camera of mobile phones. Learners' comments on notebook were saved as texts by mobile phone comment card database system and diagrams were saved as pictures database automatically. It was intended to make a seamless learning solution for sharing knowledge and learners' collaboration. Web-based mobile contents for learning syllogism were developed by using this system to aid the teaching of cyber-safety by teaching students how to think. Learners were asked to submit their logic diagrams through this mobile database system and to engage in mutual discussions. This facilitated the exchange of thoughts and viewpoints, and therefore, it has been indicated that these activities could help stimulate collaborative learning.

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