Learning Science through a Web-based Virtual Reality Courseware: An Evaluation of Students' Outcomes of Learning

Y.-y. Yeung (PRC)


Virtual Reality, Optics, Science Education,Misconception


From a pedagogical point of view, several types of basic optical apparatus which are commonly used in learning school science (including plane mirror, concave mirror, convex mirrors, concave lens and convex lens) have been re-examined to identify some common misconceptions related to students’ learning of basic optics. Using a kind of virtual reality (VR) technology, a web-based courseware on basic optics has then been developed to help students remove those misconceptions more effectively and to assist them consolidate their proper understanding of those basic principles and theories in optics. Furthermore, a new set of research instrument which consists of a pre-test, a post-test and a group interview has been developed and applied to 66 secondary school pupils in 2 classes as an objective evaluation of the students’ learning effectiveness as well as their attitudes and receptivity towards the use of this kind of VR technology for learning science. The preliminary findings for this courseware evaluation are analysed and discussed.

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