The Effect on Collaborative Mathematics Centered Distance Joint Class at Elementary Schools

N. Sasaki (Japan)


Collaborative learning, Distance joint class,Video-conferencing, and Mathematics centered study


Distance joint classes as the collaborative learning using video-conferencing have been held between the schools of Thailand and Japan for more over eight years in the continuous collaborative research activities. In this paper, I would like to report about the effect on the series of collaborative activities on distance joint classes of mathematics centered study activities using video conferencing between the elementary schools of Thailand and Japan. The contents of mathematics classes were the puzzle games of figure using coins, and the quizzes of measuring the height of Buddhist pagoda and Mt. Fuji using the ratio method, etc. In the procedure of these activities on the distance joint classes of mathematics, the consciousness of students were examined using the questionnaires of feeling items by the method of factor analysis. Extracted and named factors were compared between prior-post stages and also between the both countries. And some focus points were investigated from the result of the consideration. Result showed that the efficiency of collaborative formation of study and the series of study activities enforced the students to learn stage by stage, and Pleasure, Interest and Affinity were based of the series of the mathematics centered study activities to the final.

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