An Object Oriented Generic Learning Object Model (OOGLOM)

C. Allen and E. Mugisa (Jamaica)


Learning Objects, Reusability, Object Oriented andGranularity


Several models exist for learning object reuse. These models determine the taxonomy, granularity and aggregation and disaggregation options usually defined within a specific learning environment. We propose that the level of reusability for such objects can be improved in most of these cases by 1) providing a common model upon which all these organization and implementation specific models may be built, 2) utilizing object oriented design principles as the basis for learning object design and reuse, 3) defining the smallest grained learning object around a single learning outcome, 4) building all other learning objects from combinations of these smaller learning objects. We therefore propose an object-oriented generic learning object model (OOGLOM) which consists of two basic classes from which learning objects can be created. The first class of learning objects is an atomic learning object (ALO) and the second is a composite learning object (CLO). We review a few popular learning object models highlighting some of their limitations and possible improvements. Finally we show how these models as well as recommended improvements can be implemented using OOGLOM.

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