Inquiry Learning and Digital Scaffolding using Situated Case-based Science Knowledge

J.-C. Hong, C.-K. Lee, C.-P. Wu, and P.-W. Shih (Taiwan)


Inquiry Learning, Scaffolding, Interactive SituatedLearning


Information communication technology has not only changed the way of presenting learning material and learning methods, but also the interaction between teachers and student as well as student themselves. This project of inquiry learning employs a digital storyboard as a scaffolding strategy to facilitate reasoning ability by constructing a cognitive map. This project is composed of the two phases: 1) uncover problem-solving strategies (e.g. realistic or autistic thinking) by analyzing their learning maps when playing in a case named the Wright Brothers; and 2) investigate the effects of situated problem-solving knowledge used by the students for further inferences. It is an ongoing study focusing on qualitatively understanding the effectiveness of scaffolding strategies in a digital interactive context. The students’ problem solving strategies will be analyzed in the concept maps. In addition, the video clips and field notes as well as the e-portfolios will be collected from the Web learning and Blended teaching.

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