A Method of Designing Class to have Motivation of Study by using Group Study

T. Matsumoto, M. Sato, and T. Suzuki (Japan)


Motivation of study, IT literacy, group problem,evaluation items


Since 2007, we have started a new class called Advanced use course of personal computer as an elective subject available to all students(1) . The class has been designed for the students who hope to improve their own IT literacy level, and carried out through the use of blended e-Learning. Recently, many freshmen cannot make learning plan by themselves, and they also cannot carry out group work well. In a class of PC practice, the establishment of a method to motivate students to study is important, and we think that it is possible to contribute to educational improvement if the effectiveness of this method is confirmed. Therefore, in the class we started, we did some trials to increase students’ motivation of study. In the class, the students stimulated each other by carrying out group work, and improved their own techniques. By carrying out the group work cooperatively, they got abilities that are demanded by the society. In the class for the fiscal year 2008, 90% of the students gave a good evaluation of the entire class. Through the questionnaire, we confirmed that the students stimulated each other and matured.

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