An Interactive Multimedia Museum Guide System with a Ubiquitous Portable Device

D. Cai (Japan)


Infrared communication, Wireless communication,Ubiquitous computing, Guide System


In this paper, we describe a new interactive multimedia guide system that uses ubiquitous portable devices. The ubiquitous portable device provides a powerful playing ability of multimedia contents. Another advantage of the device is its ubiquitous ability. The device can communicate with many style communication approaches, such as instant infrared communication, infrared tag communication, PAN (personal area network), infrared remote control and RFID. With the new portable device, visitors can view the exhibition guide contents, and select what they want to view, or input the answer for any questionnaire, therefore, an interactive guide environment can be provided. With the ubiquitous ability, the questionnaire information and visitors’ operation record information and the visitor’s position information can be sent to the management server. Unlike the existing guide system, the new system can provide the exhibition institution accurate information about the activities of the visitors, which is very difficult to collect in existing system. In order to make a contents easierly, we developed an authoring software for editing the contents.

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