Implementation of Mobile Access at an Open University: The Athabasca University Experience

B. Cheung and R. McGreal (Canada)


Mobile learning, mobile library, ESL, learning design,nursing education


This paper presents the system design, implementation, and a description of the Athabasca University (AU) mobile learning initiatives, and highlights some of the challenges in design and deployment of mobile learning in a postsecondary setting. AU is Canada’s leading distance education and e-learning institution. For an open university, it is essential to make its online resources accessible to a wide range of users and devices The university has therefore developed an effective mobile device friendly environment for students. The mobile friendly Digital Reading Room (DRR), Digital Thesis and Project Room (DTPR), Digital Reference Centre (DRC), and AirPAC are some of the outcomes of the project. Access to courses is another important priority. An open access course in English Second Language was developed as a proof of concept for courses content delivered on a variety of mobile devices. A nursing application for mobile learning is also described.

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