A Transformation Methodology for Capturing Data Flow Specifications

M. Rashid, F. Urban, and B. Pottier (France)



The hArtes (Holistic Approach to Reconfigurable real Time Embedded Systems) design methodology provides a Graphical Algorithms Exploration tool (Nu-Tech) to describe algorithms in data flow model. Despite of its improved design productivity, the bottleneck lies in capturing initial algorithm specifications in the specified graphical tool. This problem of capturing initial data flow specification becomes more critical if a complex multimedia application is given in the form of sequential reference C code. This paper presents a methodology to transform refer ence sequential C code into data flow specification to support algorithms exploration and validation through graphical visualization and simulation. The proposed methodology is based on functions re-organization and variables definitions. The H.264 video encoder serves as a case study. Experimental results shows validity of the proposed transformation technique.

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