Distributed Backup Scheme for Delayed Report in Wireless Sensor Networks

T. Kim, J. Lee, H. Park, M.-S. Jin, and S.-H. Kim (Korea)


Backup, Delay tolerant, Wireless sensor networks


In delay-tolerant wireless sensor networks, reporting data from a source node to a sink may be delayed to satisfy some criterion, for example, high energy-efficiency, low algorithm complexity and so on. Data sensed in such networks accumulate on a sensor node during time delayed. It means that even a single failed node may cause a massive-data loss. This paper proposes a backup scheme to minimize data losses caused by failed nodes in wireless sensor networks using the delayed report. The proposed scheme preserves data and consumes small energy by backuping a single data to multiple nodes that exist in the one-hop distant of the source node. Simulation certified that such approach safely preserve data and consumes small energy.

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