Reliable Event Transport by Hop-by-Hop Control in Wireless Sensor Networks

H. Park, E. Lee, T. Kim, J. Lee, and S.-H. Kim (Korea)


Reliability, hop-by-hop control, and geographic routing


In many sensor applications such as intruder tracking, reliable data dissemination is necessary. Existing studies in ad hoc networks generally apply end-to-end control for reliability, but this approach is hard to adapt to wireless sensor networks (WSNs) that forward data through a number of hops. Existing studies in WSNs generally apply multi-path for reliability. However, this approach only increases probability but could not guarantee data dissemination, wastes network energy, and leads to traffic congestion. In typical WSNs, data are delivered from a source node to a destination node on routing path that is fixed within a certain period of time. This routing path is well-matched with notion of virtual circuit. Approaches based on virtual circuit traditionally use hop-by-hop control for reliable data dissemination. In this paper, we apply notion of virtual circuit to WSNs and propose reliable event transport by hop-by-hop control in wireless sensor networks. The proposed scheme consists of two major functionalities. Hop-by-hop control guarantees data transmission between two nodes, i.e. one hop, on virtual circuit via error detection and retransmission. Virtual circuit management prevents disconnecting circuit via reconstructing circuit. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme is efficient in terms of data delivery ratio and energy consumption.

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