Data Dissemination for Multiple Mobile Sinks in Wireless Sensor Networks

J. Lee, H. Park, T. Kim, M.-S. Jin, and S.-H. Kim (Korea)


Wireless Sensor Networks, Multicasting, Mobile Sinks,Mobility, Local Reconstruction


In this paper, we propose an energy-efficient multicast protocol for wireless sensor networks, which is called LUMM: Local Updated-based geographic Multicasting for Mobile sinks. The main contribution of LUMM is constructing a multicast path for supporting mobility of sinks with minimal overhead. When sinks move, frequently entire multicast path reconstruction causes rapid energy consumption of the sensor nodes. Therefore, LUMM reconstructs the multicast path based on benefit of distance in a local area. Problems that energy-efficient multicast path construction and calculating its member are solved with the Steiner tree method. LUMM is composed of two local reconstruction schemes. One is recursive local reconstruction and the other is global reconstruction with threshold. They are designed for a local path reconstruction and maintaining optimized entire multicast path. S Source Sink Multicast path Movement of sink

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