Virtual Cluster Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

D. Choi, J. Shen, S. Moh, and I. Chung (Korea)


sensor network, LEACH, proactive, reactive


Wireless sensor networks consist of numerous nodes equipped with small-sized and limited calculation capacities and storage space as well as low-capacity batteries. Once deployed, replacement of battery is not feasible. Hence, schemes for managing the network energy efficiently are most important. In order to decrease energy consumption, clustering protocol such as LEACH is an efficient method. However, this protocol result in high energy consumption at the cluster head node. Because this method causes a high amount of energy consumption for broadcast some packet to join during the set-up process of cluster formation. In order to improve energy efficiency, we propose a new cluster formation algorithm named VCR(Virtual Cluster Routing protocol). This scheme decreases unnecessary repetitious set-up process and prolongs steady-state process. As a result of analysis, our scheme reduces energy consumption of nodes in sensor networks compared with other clustering methods.

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