A Novel Security Model SaW: Security against Wormhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks

S.S. Mathiharan (USA), S. Poddar, and S. Selvakumar (India)



Wireless Sensor Networks have many potential areas of application. These networks are characterized by constraints on energy and computational capability. The need for cooperation among nodes to relay each other’s packets exposes the nodes to a wide range of security attacks. Wormhole attack is an attack on the network layer, where malicious nodes lure traffic through them by giving false routing information. Most of the existing solutions cannot differentiate between a network bottleneck and wormhole. In this paper, we propose a novel trust based security model SaW, Security against Wormholes in wireless sensor networks to effectively detect wormholes and differentiate from a network bottleneck. If a wormhole is a blackhole, it drops every packet it receives. The bottleneck drops only during times of congestion in the network. This difference in behavior between a wormhole and bottleneck is used in accurate identification of the wormhole link which is the motivation of the paper. Carl Pearson’s formula for correlation coefficient is used for identifying the pattern of the drops. Simulations done in ns-2 network simulator prove that our algorithm performs better than the existing technique of Link Frequency analysis in terms of precision of alarms and number of false positive alarms.

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