Throughput Analysis of TPMA based MAC for Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks

Y. Choi (Korea) and A. Nosratinia (USA)


Wireless Sensor Networks, MAC protocol, Ad Hoc network, TPMA, contention resolution, anonymous ACK


The new TPMA based MAC scheme for WSN is proposed in this paper from the classical performance point of view rather than energy efficiency as a design goal. And the protocol could be also suitable for WSN owing to the beneficial attributes for more broadcast natured multi-hop networks such as collision detectible, anonymous ACK, and simple signaling format. Through the performance analysis of the suggested protocol, it is also shown that the maximum throughput of new protocol is much superior to the original TPMA based MAC protocol and even better than conventional slotted CSMA MAC protocol. Hence, the protocol is quite competitive to other energy-efficient only MAC protocols for WSN which trade off classical performance parameters.

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