Routing Strategy based Firecracker Protocol for Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks

M. Nene, P. Kale, and S. Kulkarni (India)


WSN, WSN routing, Component Based Programming Language, Simulation Concepts


Using routing technique, wireless sensor network WSN can route sensor data quickly. As there is only one next hop, transmissions can be fast. However, routed data only traverses its end-to-end path. So routing data to every node is difficult. Additionally, verifying transmission to each destination can be prohibitively expensive. Broadcast technique can scalably reach every node in a sensor network. Current sensor network routing protocols running on the mica2 hardware platform can route across approximately ten hops in a second after considering retransmissions, media access and contention [12], [14], [20]. The trickle broadcast protocol transmits at most once a second to minimize packet losses due to collisions [2]. This study presents a way to combine routing and broadcasting techniques to achieve reliable propagation of data packets. It brings out clearly, the reliability with which the control packets are propagated to all the nodes deployed in the network, as compared to pure broadcast based dissemination. Reliably disseminating a piece of data to every node is a basic requirement for WSNs.

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