Influence of Capture Effect on the Effectiveness of GSP in Wireless Sensor Networks

M. Calle and J. Kabara (Columbia)


Routing protocols, cross-layer design, energy efficiency.


The Gossip-based Sleep Protocol (GSP) is a routing protocol designed to save energy in wireless sensor networks. Experiments were conducted using simulations of a 25-node square grid network running GSP in order to characterize the influence of the capture effect in the routing protocol, something not yet analyzed in the literature. Results from different Capture Probabilities show GSP may be tuned to take advantage of the capture effect phenomenon. The Gossip Probability, pgsp , is the only parameter in GSP. Experiments show values of pgsp between 0.3 and 0.4 may be used to improve the tradeoff between Energy Consumption, Delay and Packet Reception Probability.

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