Two-Path Limited Speculative Multithreading Processor

T. Baba, T. Yokota, K. Ootsu, J. Yoneda, K. Sato, and H. Jutori (Japan)


multithreaded architecture, speculative computation, path profiling.


Speculative multithreading attempts to speed up the execu tion of various sequential application codes through specu lative thread-level parallelism. Based on our observations that executed paths are highly limited in frequently exe cuted loops and appear with some regularity, we proposed a two-path limited speculation method for multithreaded systems. This paper first refines the two-path limited spec ulative computation model. Then, the architecture and the code structure for implementing the model are described in detail according to the simulator and code generator that we developed. The aggressive speculative computation model requires architectural support not only to enhance the per formance by speculative computation but also to efficiently deal with misspeculations both by misprediction of paths and by data dependence violation. Emphases are placed on the architectural characteristics and language construct to realize the computation model efficiently and thus attain a high-performance computation of sequential codes.

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