Transactional Data Sharing in Grids

M.-F. Müller, K.-T. Möller, M. Sonnenfroh, and M. Schöttner (Germany)


Distributed Computing, Data Sharing, Transactional Con sistency


The EU-funded XtreemOS project implements a Linux based grid operating system (OS), exploiting resources of virtual organizations through the standard POSIX interface. The Object Sharing Service (OSS) of XtreemOS addresses the challenges of transparent data sharing for distributed applications running in grids. We focus on the problem of handling consistency of replicated data in wide area net works in the presence of failures. The software architec ture we propose interweaves concepts from transactional memory and peer-to-peer systems. Speculative transac tions relieve programmers from complicated lock manage ment. Super-peer-based overlay networks improve scala bility and distributed hash tables speed up data search. OSS replicates objects to improve reliability and performance. In case of severe faults, the XtreemOS grid checkpointing service will support OSS. In this paper we describe the soft ware architecture of OSS, design decisions, and evaluation results of preliminary experiments with a multi-user 3D vir tual world.

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