An Automatic Cost-based Framework for Seamless Application Migration in Grid Environments

M. Klemm, R. Veldema, and M. Philippsen (Germany)


Grid computing, Cluster migration, High Performance Computing.


Grid computing promises to seamlessly deliver computing power to computational scientists. However, scientists are faced with the problem of finding computing resources for their application and they have to cope with the systems’ batch operation mode that causes premature termination of applications if they exceed the reserved resource limits. In this paper, we propose a middleware layer (OGRE) for a seamless Grid environment. OGRE automates the process of resource discovery and performs resource selec tion. Resource selection uses a cost-based migration strat egy that allocates free computing resources on accessible clusters, i. e., OGRE automatically checkpoints, transfers the snapshot from one cluster to the next, and restarts the application there. A Grid-wide file system handles data accesses of migrated applications. OGRE can easily be adapted to new requirements due to its component-based architecture.

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