On the Routing Improvement in OBS Networks Considering Cascaded Wavelength Conversion

X. Gao, M.A. Bassiouni, and G. Li (USA)


Optical networks, Optical burst switching, Cascaded wave length conversion, Proactive routing, Fairness.


Full wavelength conversion has been assumed in most ex isting optical burst switching works. However, we have shown in our preceding researches that each wavelength conversion performed along the lightpath for the successful burst transmission may cause certain signal-to-noise dete rioration. If the number of these cascaded wavelength con versions per data transmission exceeds an upper bound, the receiver would not be able to recover the original data. Un der the circumstance of this constraint, we extend our pre viously proposed novel proactive routing scheme Hop-LC CC to be configurable and more efficient. The improved routing scheme incorporates regulated deflection routing, which results in even better overall burst loss performance and fairer drop rate among bursts with different hop counts.

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