Wireless Multihop Transmission of Sensor Data with Buffering in Neighbor Sensors

D. Sakamoto and H. Higaki (Japan)


Sensor Networks, Wireless Multihop Transmission, Buffer Overflow, Routing.


In wireless multihop transmission of sensor data, in ad dition to avoidance of contentions and collisions of wire less signals, available capacity of communication buffers in sensor nodes should be considered. If a communication buffer in a next-hop wireless sensor node is filled, it is im possible for a wireless sensor node to forward a message with sensor data to the next-hop one. Here, the sensor node stores the message to its communication buffer and waits for the buffer in the next-hop sensor node to have enough space. The buffered messages are required to be transmit ted to a sink node as soon as possible. This paper proposes a method to store the messages into communication buffers not only in wireless sensor nodes along the multihop trans mission route but also in wireless sensor nodes neighbor ing to the multihop transmission route. By applying this method, messages with sensor data are stored into commu nication buffers in wireless sensor nodes nearer to the sink node and shorter end-to-end transmission delay is required. We design a routing protocol and a message transmission protocol for implementation and evaluate time duration re quired to transmit all buffered messages to a destination sink node by comparing with the conventional multihop transmission protocol.

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