A High-Performance Parallel Scheduling Architecture for WiMAX Base-Stations

G. Singh, S. Prabhu, and N.F. Mir (USA)


Wireless Communications, WiMAX Tecnology, QoS, Base-Station Design.


In this paper, we provide an “Improved Channel Aware QoS Scheduling Architecture for WiMAX Base Stations”. In this scheme, we provide intelligence to the classifier by having feedback from the compensation block. We capitalize on the design of WiMAX, which differentiates connections with separate connection IDs and classifies traffic, based on a class-based approach. We propose a design in which the Classifier, in order to provide excellent QoS, admits frames with only those CIDs that can be serviced without any significant delay to the real time voice and video applications, thus improving the overall QoS. In other words, it rejects a packet having a CID which is experiencing bad channel quality and allows unmarked CIDs to utilize the channel at its maximum efficiency.

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