High Quality Tungsten Oxide Nanowires: Synthesis and Characterization

S. Jeon and K. Yong (Korea)


Tungsten oxide, tungsten nitride, nanowire, nanorod


In this study, we report the synthesis of tungsten oxide (W18O49) nanowires from tungsten-compound material using a simple annealing method. Tungsten nitride (W2N) film was deposited on Si(100) substrate by chemical vapor deposition at 450 °C. A high density of tungsten oxide nanowires was produced by heating of the tungsten nitride or tungsten films at 600 ~ 700 °C. The morphology, structure, composition and chemical binding states of the prepared nanowires were characterized by SEM, XRD and TEM analysis. XRD and TEM results showed that the grown nanowires were single-crystalline W18O49.

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