Virtual Photonic Couplings of Quantum Nanostructures for Quantum Information Technology

H. Matsueda (Japan), J.M. Hvam (Denmark), Y. Ducommun, and E. Kapon (Switzerland)


Quantum Dot, Quantum Computing, Virtual Photon, Res onance Dynamic Multipole-Multipole Interactions (RD MMI), Quantum Communication


The effectiveness of virtual photons (VPHs) that need neither to conserve energy nor to follow temporal se quences because of the time-energy uncertainty princi ple, in the electric interactions between detuned non identical two level atoms having different size and shape, is demonstrated in terms of a model of resonance dynamic multipole-multipole interaction (RDMMI), on the basis of micro-photoluminescence (μ-PL) experiment of a single asymmetric pair of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots (QDs). The ranges of the mediating photons in various RDMMI are estimated, proving the significance of RDMMI in the nanometer regime. Furthermore, prospective device con cepts based on the RDMMI assistedby the VPHs, having possibility of autonomic routing of signals like a falling dominoes effect not only throughout spatial extent but also over temporal differences are deiscussed.

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