Functionalization of His-Tagged Human Kappa Opioid Receptor on the Gold Surface of Cantilever Arrays

N. Ozber, A. Ozturk, H.I. Ocakli, H. Urey, I.H. Kavakli, and B.E. Alaca (Turkey)


Human kappa opioid receptors (hKOR), biosensor, and optical readout


Biosensors are promising devices for detecting interactions between both chemical and biological molecules and exploring a novel molecule. In this study, one-end-fixed and doubly-clamped micron-sized nickel cantilevers with integrated diffraction gratings are fabricated and actuated magnetically by applying AC signal to an electromagnetic coil to be used as resonant mass biosensors for detecting narcotics in bodily fluids. To achieve this goal, we have cloned and expressed human kappa opioid receptors (hKOR) in E.coli. Then, we immobilized opioid receptors via thiol groups on gold surfaces of the cantilevers. Our results indicated that we have successfully functionalized protein on the gold surface and the amount of protein was measured as 85 pg by a photodetector (PD) setup.

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