Structuring Segments of e-Learning Multimedia Objects with LOM and MPEG-7

E.W. Oliveira, S.W.M. Siquiera (Brazil), and M.H.L.B. Braz (Portugal)


Reusable Learning Objects, Standards, Learning Objects Segmentation, Methodology and Authoring Tools


In technology enhanced learning, developing learning materials, mainly the ones that incorporate multimedia, is an expensive and time-consuming process. Thus, there is a focus on reuse, which is obtained through the object oriented approach, resulting in the Learning Objects (LOs). However, nowadays, LOs are structured as multimedia files and, therefore, the reuse implies on using the whole file, which limits its use and the return on investment of its development. However, many multimedia LOs have already been developed and the effort in remaking them would not be viable. So, the work presented in this paper proposes a segmentation of the content embedded in existing LOs, structuring it on reusable semantic segments. This semantic segmentation should follow a whole-part conceptualization. The implementation of these segments considers their respective description through complementary groups of metadata with focus in learning and multimedia properties. Thus, parts of IEEE LOM and MPEG-7 were used, in an architecture of multimedia LO segmentation. A prototype and a case study present the functionality of the proposed architecture.

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