Internet and Multimedia Information Systems in Medical Education

J. Hanus, T. Nosek, J. Zahora, V. Masin, and A. Bezrouk (Czech Republic)


Computer aided learning, Medical Information System, Study information system, virtual diagnostic laboratory


New conception of the computer aided medical education in Faculty of Medicine based on the platform of professional and home made information systems is presented. Medical information system (MIS) supports the practical classes in theoretical and preclinical subjects and enables us to simulate especially the diagnostic aspects of the medical care in the virtual hospital. Study information system (SIS) is the background for the communication between students and teachers. It includes main aspects of the administration of education in given subject but not more (student information system of study department is not substituted or even duplicated). Last but not least Publication portal of faculty MEFANET is the platform for the presentation of all types and forms of study materials and their sharing with other medical faculties. All information systems support either Intranet or Internet access to the study resources according to their purpose. Different types of study materials and results in electronic form are accessible in the SIS and Mefanet via Internet, several examples will be illustrated. Internet as a source of primary and secondary medical information is systematically used especially in the elective subjects to improve also soft skills of graduates. The results of questionnaire illustrate the feedback of students.

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