SimulCol - An Asynchronous Collaborative Educational Modeling Tool

M.J.P. Marcelino (Portugal), M.A. Redondo (Spain), A.I.S. Tinoco, and A.J.N. Mendes (Portugal)


Modelling, simulation, computer-supported collaborative learning, assessment.


In this paper we describe SimulCol, an asynchronous collaborative educational modelling tool. SimulCol allows building and running continuous models of general systems and supports learners spread in anytime and anywhere to develop models in group. Model building is generally a hard task requiring a high level of abstraction. This process can however be abridged if done in group. But, many times, students are not physically together. Still they need to work collectively to accomplish certain tasks. That is what SimulCol provides in what concerns the development of models overcoming in this way some difficulties students usually face. Also it provides a set of tools for the teacher to follow students’ individual and group work.

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