TEachOtherS: A Writing Aid System for Students

M. Yamaguchi and M. Kitamura (Japan)


Computer-Aided Writing, Composition Rules, Collabora tive Learning, Interactive Learning Environment 1 Introduction TEachOtherS is our new online writing aid system1 for stu dents. We designed the system to use in first language writ ing courses in the university. The task of students is to write formal texts with a proper format and a clear docu ment structure, such as reports or papers. The major char acteristic of our system is that students, teachers and TEa chOtherS teach each othe


This paper presents our new online writing aid system for students, called TEachOtherS. In the process of using the system, students, teachers and TEachOtherS teach each other their knowledge of writing. A student annotates on his/her own composition and makes comments on other’s compositions. And teachers define “Composition Rules”. Using the rules and results of the annotation, TEachOtherS points out mistakes in compositions. This approach pro vides various assistance for also structure or contents of composition that current systems can not analyze enough for assisting students. In this paper, we discuss the method and show that TEachOtherS improves the quality of stu dent’s compositions.

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