Meta-Levels of Adaptation in Education

M. Hendrix and A.I. Cristea (UK)


LAG; Grammar; CAF; LAOS; AHA!; Educational Adaptive Hypermedia; Authoring; Adaptation Engine


Large amounts of research currently exist into the design and implementation of adaptive educational systems. Research has shown that due to the high production cost of such adaptive courses, semantics-based reuse is one of the main requirements. E.g., the same adaptation strategy could be used for different courses, or the same course could be used with different strategies. Whilst using the LAG Adaptation Language to express reusable strategies, we noticed that strategies have common patterns that, in turn, could also be reused. Thus, higher level of reuse is possible than initially envisioned. Templates based on these patterns could significantly reduce the designers’ work. This led us to research the best definition of a meta language for the LAG Adaptation Language, facilitating the extraction of common design patterns. This paper describes one of the possible template LAG languages and reflects on its uses.

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