Operationalizing IWRM WITHIN the Okavango Delta, Botswana

L. Magola, D. Mazvimavi, and S. Motsumi (Botswana)


IWRM, Integrated water resources management, stakeholder participation, Okavango Delta


Current thinking on management of land and water resources calls for a movement away from the conventional sectoral approaches to an integrated approach which treats the ecosystem as a unit with no bias towards any one of the components. An integrated management plan, the Okavango Delta Management Plan, has been formulated taking into account concerns of resources users, managers, and policy makers across sectors. The strategic goals of this policy are in line with integrated water resources management principles. It is therefore argued that this plan provides a framework for operationalising IWRM within the delta. The formulation of an IWRM plan for the delta is recommended as part of the development of the IWRM plan for the whole basin.

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