Characterization of Greywater from Selected Sites in South Africa for Potential Re-Use in Irrigation

R. Tandlich, B.M. Zuma, S.A. Dyongman, and A. Slaughter (South Africa)


Greywater, re-use, irrigation, water quality guidelines


South Africa will probably become water-stressed by 2025 due to fast depletion of groundwater, rapid population growth and increasing industrial demand for high purity water. Greywater is produced at rates of 60 to 105 liters/capita/day in industrialized countries, and due to the application of different household products it carries finite concentrations of nutrients such as N and P. As a result, it could be used for irrigation of vegetable gardens, and ornamental gardening. This could lead to decreased demand for drinking water in these applications. Here the preliminary data from an on-going study on greywater characterization in South Africa are presented. The results are analysed in the context of the water quality guidelines for irrigation water, as published by the South African Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF).

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