Adsorption of Phenol by Activated Carbon Prepared from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Fibres

S.A. Muyibi, E.S.M. Ameen, M.Z. Alam, N.A. Kabashi, and M.I. Abdulkarim (Malaysia)


Empty Fruit Bunch, powdered activated carbon, adsorption, phenol removal.


Different activated carbon (AC) samples were prepared from industrial oil palm solid waste namely empty fruit bunch (EFB) fibers. The adsorption properties of the samples produced were evaluated on Phenol removal from aqueous solution. The prepared EFB fibers were carbonized and activated in a bioreactor system comprised horizontal furnace of CARBOLITE brand. Physical activation comprised carbonization for 30 minute using nitrogen gas, followed by activation with CO2 gas at different flow rates (0.1, 0.175, 0.25 L/min), temperatures (600, 750, and 900 ºC) and times (15, 30, and 45 minutes) was adopted to optimize best production conditions. The results of this work demonstrated that activation temperature had significant effect on the adsorption properties of the activated carbon produced. The AC sample produced at activation temperature of 900 ºC with CO2 gas flow rate of 0.1 L/min and activation period of 15 minutes was selected as best quality adsorbent with a yield of 24%. It had adsorbed more than 96 % of total phenol from aqueos solution of 50 mg/L wiithin 15 minutes. The experimental results indicated that the prepared activated carbon from EFB is promising product in water and wastewater treatment.

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