Best Water Management Practices for Sustainable Agricultural Production in Rwanda

A.J. Rayar and S.K. Pande (Rwanda)


Water, Resources, Harvesting, Practices, Management, Rwanda.


In this paper, an attempt has been made to analyze the present scenario of water resources management in Rwanda. More emphasis has been placed on the problems and prospects of effective water management for sustainable agricultural production and environmental protection. It sheds some light on the urgent need to adopt and practice best management techniques of water resources, particularly in the wake of fast growing population pressure and continuously deckling landholding/family unit. Furthermore, this presentation discusses the inextricable interrelationship between adoptions of economically feasible, environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable water management techniques that are to be adopted urgently in Rwanda. If and when the proposed measures are adopted holistically, Rwanda will, undoubtedly, register substantial increase in agricultural production on the foundation of environmental, economic and social sustainability thereby paving the way for marked improvement in the standard of living of the teeming population, of which more than 90 % depends on agricultural and allied pursuits.

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